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Request for Proposal Request for Proposal

Selection of Transaction Advisory Consulting Firms for Providing Technical Assistance to Urban Local Bodies under AMRUT & Smart Mission cities in Issuing Municipal Bonds in Gujarat

Proposal are invited to provide the following consulting services: 'Selection of Transaction Advisory cconsulting Firms for Providing Technicl Assistance to Local Urban Bodies under AMRUT and Smart Citites Mission cities in issuing Municipal Bonds' from the following shortlisted consultants:

  1. A.K. Capital Services Limited
  2. Axis Bank Limited
  3. Darashaw & Company Private Limited
  4. ICICI Bank Limited
  5. ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited
  6. SBI Capital Markets Limited
  7. SPA Capital Advisors Ltd.
  8. SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited
  9. Yes Bank Limited