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Bhauri Water Supply Bhauri Water Supply

Tender Document for Water Supply Scheme of Municipal Corporation, Bhopal (Bhauri)

Partial Date: 2016CE Jul 30th to 2016CE Aug 29th
Document Category: AMRUT, Tenders

Online Lumpsum bids for the following works under “AMRUT” are invited from registered contractors and firms of repute fulfilling eligibility criteria.

The population of Bhauri area under Municipal Corporation, Bhopal is approximately 45000. As per the notification of MP Govt. Bhauri is now part of Municipal Corporation Bhopal under ward no. 3. There is no water supply system in Bhauri. Accordingly it is proposed to develop an integrated water supply system for Bhauri area based on existing intake well located at the upper lake for Bairagarh W/S scheme the same will be used for installation of pump for pumping the raw water to Bhauri area.

The proposed project envisage: 

  1. Survey, Design, Construction and commissioning of water distribution network in Bhopal Municipal area including, Providing, Laying and Jointing of Distribution network comprising of 110 mm to 250 mm diameter HDPE pipe and DI K7 pipe 100 mm to 500 mm diameter having total length of 29008 m for water distribution network including 1 no. 250mm Electromagnetic Bulk flow meters and 25 nos. 80 mm dia Woltman turbine bulk meters.
  2. Providing and laying of 3 nos. vertical turbine Raw water pumps at Intake well including 1 no. 400 mm dia Electromagnetic Bulk flow meters.
  3. Providing, laying and jointing of Raw water rising main comprising of 400 mm diameter DI K9 class pipe having total length of 10700m from intake to WTP including 13 nos. RCC chambers.
  4. Construction of WTP having capacity of 10.00 MLD including clear water reservoir having capacity of 4000 KL at WTP. Providing and installation of 2 nos. 100KVA transformer.
  5. Supply and installation of domestic water meters (AMR compatible) for 1000 House service Connections.
  6. Crossing of 1 no. Railway line crossing and 1 no. NH crossing with access road for maintenance
  7. Road restoration after laying of pipelines as per the original condition of road.

Accordingly the essence of the project is: 

  1. Augmenting the existing water supply system of the town upto 10.00 MLD.
  2. Supplying potable water @135 lpcd to the entire municipal area at a residual head of 7m.
  3. Providing domestic and bulk flow meters so as to keep the UFW uptp 15%.

Time of completion to be 18 months including rainy season.