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Call for Action: Seeking comments/feedback on the proposed integrated urban indicators

Recognizing the value of urban data, the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) under the aegis of Smart Cities Mission at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has created an Integrated Urban Data Bank consisting of 14 urban sectors, viz, Demography, Economy, Finance, Education, Energy, Planning regulation & preparedness, Environment, Governance & ICT, Health, Housing, Mobility, Safety and Security, Solid waste management, and Water & sanitation. The urban data bank contains indicators that cities should aim to collect, measure, and analyze to enable better governance, policymaking, and service delivery.

NIUA is in the process of updating the Integrated Urban Data Bank and has suggested 82 new additional indicators in the sectors – Demography, Economy, Finance, Health, Housing, Education, Safety and security, and Planning, regulation and preparedness. The indicators have also been looked at from the lenses of gender, disability, and young children. The 82 new additional indicators, along with the existing sector-wise indicators are attached here.
Kindly provide your inputs on google form to add/delete/modify the suggested new additional indicators in the given sectors by April 5th, 2022. Users can submit up to 10 responses to each question. For filling in more responses, please submit a new google form.

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