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Junction Sinage Agra Junction Sinage Agra

2nd call for Request for Proposal for Junction Improvement Projects:- Phase II (Signage Works) 1) Bijalighar Junctions, 2) Taj View Junction, 3) Basai Junction,4) TDI mall Junction,5) Tiraha Junction, 6) Marriot Junction,7) Jaypee Junction,8)Amar Singh Crossing,9)Jhalkari Bai Crossing,10)Shahajahan Garden Crossing, 11) Purani Mandi Crossing in Agra,Uttar Pradesh

Urban Revitalization of Roads and Junction Improvement project focuses on the urban design of the existing road sections as per the existing typology of the prevailing activity and traffic. It also constitutes the proposal of strategic improvement of the overall traffic movement with an aim to reduce congestion and friction in mobility.

The improved design of the junctions as well as the proposed movement scheme of the roads will greatly impact the traffic movement scenario in the entire ABD area. The junctions under the scope of this project are mentioned below; 1. Bijalighar Junctions, 2. Taj View Junction, 3. Basai Junction, 4. TDI mall Junction, 5. Tiraha Junction, 6. Marriot Junction, 7. Jaypee Junction 8.Amar Singh Crossing 9.Jalkari bai Crossing 5 | P a g e 10.Shahajan Garden Parking 11.Purani Mandi Crossing