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Kanpur System Integrator Volume1 Kanpur System Integrator Volume1
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Request for Proposal for Master System Integrator for Implementation of Integrated Smart Solutions at Kanpur

The purpose of this tender is for the Kanpur Smart City Limited (KSCL) to enter into a contract with a qualified firm for the Supply, Installation, configuration, Integration, Commissioning, Operations and Maintenance of integrated solutions to support the command, and control centre initiative for smart city initiative of KSCL. KSCL is looking to engage a Master Service Integrator -
 Who brings strong technology experience in smart city implementation, integration and operations through integrated and multi-agency coordination
 Who can develop Standard Operating Procedures for the various components of the project and link with uses cases prepared by them Who has a quality control plan in place to demonstrate that all equipment is tested and passed prior to shipping
 Who is capable of providing high quality installations of the project equipment
 Who is capable of maintaining and operating the complex smart city systems to provide maximum decision making support and performance of the systems
 Who brings forth expertise for traffic management, incident and emergency management
 Who has experience implementing city-wide ICT and surveillance system coupled with using the said systems efficiently through data analytics
 Who will strongly build capacity of various stakeholders for efficient operations and management of the proposed solutions