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Contributed by: Pushkar Sarda

Envitecture Building Sustainability Solutions LLP

We at “Envitecture” are a green building, energy efficiency, renewable energy, MEP design consultants & civil contractors who strive to ensure that today’s buildings consume as little energy, money & resources as possible in the design as well as the built stage.

Envitecture’s team has experience of over 250+ projects consulting experience in different climatic zones of the country and abroad, on projects of all conceivable types and sizes and over 35+ projects as civil contractors.

This ensures that we can help design the lowest possible resource & money consumption solutions for your building, anywhere in the country.

In today’s times of rising energy costs, diminishing water tables and deteriorating air quality, a low energy consumption building would motivate a client/investor to invest in the project. Not to forget the project’s contribution to a green India.

We can carry out works on different aspect of green buildings such as implementation of ECBC, achieving the maximum possible rating in different green building rating systems, simulation-based reduction of HVAC system sizes, simulation based optimization of lighting layout, planning renewable energy systems and the like.