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Datoms Air Pollution monitoring Datoms Air Pollution monitoring

Online Pollution Monitoring: Datoms

Air Pollution a major problem that unknowingly affects all spheres of lives in most of the cities and it is now a serious issue across the globe. Hence, there is a focus on building a finest Smart City by Government that helps the citizens to know and aware of the air they breathe.

We at Phoenix Robotix too believe that we also can contribute for a better environment by providing a cost effective device for Real Time Environment Monitoring, relaying data to Aurassure Platform.

These smart devices will gather data about levels of polluted gases in the city, temperature and humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction , rainfall and noise and noise and any other events on a daily basis. This information will help Smart City Integrator and Solution provider with city administration to plan and prepare the city for a better and smarter environment. For further information kindly refer and