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Request For Proposal for Selection of System Integrator to Implement Smart City Solutions in Kakinada

The smart city proposal of Kakinada includes several Pan City and Area Based Development initiatives with a focus on both infrastructure and ICT advancements across the city and at strategic locations. The strategic focus of the city has been identified to improve mobility, improve situational awareness, enhance public safety and security, and introduce data driven decision making. Components deployed throughout the city are envisaged to accrue the following benefits for the city of Kakinada: • Improved management of utilities and quantification of services • Improved Disaster Management and Emergency Response System • Enhanced traffic enforcement • Enhanced safety and security • Real time asset management • Unified operations through integration of urban functions offered by the city administration • Kakinada Smart City Project envisages deployment of following components to achieve the objectives: o Deployment of various sensors (cameras, traffic violation, environment and weather sensors) throughout the city to improve situational awareness. o Development of a robust ERP system to optimize internal operations and enhance citizen delivery. o Development of an integration platform which will facilitate exchange and aggregation of data irrespective of underlying technology platform of application. o Development of command and communication center for improved visualization of ambient situation in the city and facilitation of data driven decision making. The intent of this RFP is to invite bids from the Bidders for implementation of an integrated solution for the Authority. The Request for Proposal(RFP) consists of three volumes viz. RFP Volume 1: Instruction to Bidders Volume 1 Details the instructions with respect to the bid process management, technical evaluation framework, and the technical & financial forms. RFP Volume 2:Scope of work including Functional & Technical Specifications Volume 2 of the RFP provides information regarding the Project Implementation Plan, business requirements/applications to be covered and corresponding process related documentation, scope of work for the selected bidder and functional requirements. RFP Volume 3: Master Service Agreement Volume 3 contains the contractual, legal terms & conditions applicable for the proposed engagement.