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Request for Proposal for Selection of Implementation Agency for Integrated Command and Control Centre (CCC) And Smart Features in Vadodara City

On behalf of the Vadodara Smart City Development Limited (VSCDL), the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) invites Request for Proposals for Selection of Implementation Agency for Integrated Command & Control Centre (CCC) and Smart Features in Vadodara City.

The key objective of this project is to establish a collaborative framework where input from different functional departments such as transport, water, fire, police, meteorology, e-governance, etc. can be assimilated and analysed on a single platform; consequently resulting in aggregated city level information. Further this aggregate city level information can be converted to actionable intelligence, which would be propagated to relevant stakeholders and citizens. Following are the intangibles that should be addressed by this intervention:
 Better management of utilities and quantification of services
 Disaster Management and Emergency Response System
 Efficient traffic management
 Enhanced safety and security
 Asset Management
 Integration with existing control centres in the city and other services (with provision for future scalability in terms of systems to be integrated and extent of integration with existing systems)
- Integration with Vadodara Eye (CCTV) Project
- Integration with GIS Project
- Integration with Water SCADA Project
- Integration with Public Wi-Fi and iPoles (Smart Poles) project
- Integration of feeds/data from of smart sensor/devices such as CCTV Cameras, ANPR System, ATCS Signals, Variable Messaging Sign Boards, Emergency Call Box, Public Address System, Environmental Sensors, GPS Tracking for fire department vehicles, etc. are also included under project scope. City Wide OFC shall enable connectivity between CCC and field devices/smart sensors.