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Request for Proposal for Tender document for Construction of Two Smart Roads at KPTCL Road and Mandoli Road for Belagavi City

The Managing Director, Belgavi Smart City Limited invites tenders from eligible tenderers, for the construction of works detailed in the Table below. Two Cover Tender procedure as per Rule28 of the KTPP Act shall be followed. The Tenders are required to submit two separate sealed covers, one containing the Earnest money deposit and the details of their capability to undertake the tender (as detailed in ITT Clause 3 and 6), which will be opened first and the second cover containing the price tender which will be opened only if the tenderer is found to be qualified to execute the tendered work. The tenderers are advised to note the minimum qualification criteria specified in Clause 3 of the Instructions to tenderer to qualify for award of the contract. Tender documents may be downloaded from Government of Karnataka E-Procurement website