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Multiple Level Car Parking Multiple Level Car Parking

Request for Proposal for Preparation of DPR and Bid Process Management for establishing Multilevel Car Parking Facility under PPP mode in Vellore Smart City

The growing population of India has created many problems - one of the challenging ones being car parking which we confront almost every day. Besides the problem of space for cars moving on the road, greater is the problem of space for a parked vehicle. Multi-level Parking systems have provided some relief since they come with a number of advantages - optimal utilisation of space, lower maintenance and operational cost, lower construction cost (owing to the prefabrication), secure and environment-friendly nature (the underground implementation renders the outdoor space free for landscaping), comfortable for the drivers, cost saving for builders by saving height or depth. In order to increase available parking spaces within the city, Vellore Smart City Limited is now intended to develop Multi Level Car Parking under Smart City Funding.