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Contributed by: Paul ORTAIS


SEA is a Paris-based lab specialised in high complexity/safety control systems and simplifying complex architectures. We applied our knowledge to solving the issue of urban mobility: congestion and pollution, by designing a light, cheap yet very potent automatic urban transport for people AND goods. Doing both is essential for city planners to reduce the automotive stronghold on cities. We obtain the following results: - 24/7 availability with 1mn waiting time - full coverage of territory, like automotive does - 36km/h commercial speed, passengers & goods/freight/waste/service etc. <500kg - zero noise - flexible-layout low-elevation trackways can adapt to every non-prepared terrain - capacity to 30.000 pass/hour in both directions @2M€/km max - no automotive at all remains necessary in a trackway centred, 1km wide strip - energy consumption at the minimal theoretical level, renewable compatible This is the most capable solution ever to save cities from congestion, pollution, ruinous and inefficient infrastructures expense. Has already been proposed in Gurgaon and Delhi, partnering cities needed.