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Legatrix Legatrix

Smart Legatrix by Legasis

Legasis IT-enabled Compliance Solutions For Peace of Mind, Pioneers in the field of providing comprehensive compliance management solutions, Legasis developed customised IT enabled compliance solutions for Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. (PSCDCL). ‘Smart Legatrix’ for ensuring statutory and regulatory compliances and ‘Smart CARRAR’ for ensuring transparency in the entire procurement cycle from pre-bid to post-bid management stages. These two IT solutions go a long way in ensuring transparency and accountability, thereby enabling the Smart City to attract International Investors & Bodies.

These can now be deployed in other cities willing to take it up. We can provide a demo of the solutions at your convenience either over video call or personal visit. We have the resources and capabilities to tailor make it to suit your needs and would cover national, state and municipal laws applicable to the SPV. These solutions would help you be more compliant in a less complex manner and provide you with an efficient governance tool.