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Unlocking access to perennial sources of water - Formation of Water Veins: Oceans cover almost 68% of the earth surface and the oceanic crust has faultlines, fractures through which the seawater naturally percolates through the continental slope into shallow magmatic zones wherein temperatures could range 500-800 deg transforming seawater into steam using geothermal heat. The steam thus generated condenses in shallower zones providing a major source of waterveins/subterranean rivers. These waterveins are found at the depth between 300-800 meters, providing a perennial output without impacting underground water table. Our technical team of experts have studied the phenomenon of subterranian water cycle with the help of hydrogeological datasets collected over 40 years from different Oil & Gas studies, drilling studies and satellite datasets to study presence of subterranian water rivers which once accessed can provide perennial, good quality water sources which are independent of rain-water and surface water for recharges and depends on ocean water and in some cases mountain recharges. Each source can provide between 1-4 MLD of fresh water with perennial life.