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Aerostat – We have developed persistence aerial surveillance solutions via indigenously developed Aerostats that is aerodynamically stable lighter than air vehicle ( A Helium filled tethered Balloon )which can give you 24 x 7 x 365 aerial view covering 20Km to 40km++ in single zoomable output. (customizable specs) Unlike drones which requires trained operators and have very limited flight time.

Use for smart cities:
1. 24X7 Aerial surveillance.- Instead of Multiple CCTV cameras, you can see entire city on single screen (Zoomable).
2. Emergency disaster support system.
3. Set up Radio communications in case of disaster. (Can lift repeaters/Antennas/Transceivers)
4. Establish Line of sight in satellite shadow area.

Aerostat Intro :
GeM Link:
Also attached : Brochure.

About us:
We are a bunch of Aerospace Engineers (IITians) and exp entrepreneurs, incorporated in 2016, a DIPP recognized startup and having a manufacturing unit in Gurgaon, Haryana for AEROSTATS UAV/drones and EO systems among other UAVs (Fixed wing, Airframes and Multi rotor).

Recently awarded as best Startup 2018 at 21st India International Security Expo 2018, ITPO Delhi.