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Geo-Carte Radar Technology Pvt. Ltd.

We provide the most effective, reliable and non-destructive solution for scanning the underground assets of the city, viz. water and sewer pipeline, cables and other utilities. It can help the city organization to keep the record of all the existing utilities so that the damage of the same can be prevented during new construction work. The need of the new utility can also be optimized depending on the prior information. It is also useful for other purposes like, railway and highway inspection, void detection, leakage detection, archaeological investigation and many more such scenarios. It can save huge amount of time and cost for any potential infrastructure project in upcoming smart city mission as it involves the upgradation of existing cities where there is a huge assets lying underground whose damage prevention is need of an hour.

It can be of great use in smart city mission, to keep the record of all the existing underground utilities, lack of  information of these leads to damage to them while installing the new.The requirement of new utility can be optimized and can save huge amount of time and money in any infrastructure project in upcoming potential projects under smart city mission.