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Request for Proposal (RfP) Transport Studies for MPD-2041

Partial Date: 2019CE Jul 15th to 2019CE Aug 5th
Document Category: Tender

The National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) is presently collaborating with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for preparing the Master Plan for Delhi 2041 (MPD 2041) as an Enabling Strategic Plan. As part of this exercise, NIUA intends to commission detailed studies in specific subject areas of interest to develop a comprehensive understanding of respective sectors.

In order to develop a complete understanding of Delhi’s travel patterns and formulate strategies to improve the efficacy of Delhi’s transportation system, NIUA proposes to undertake detailed studies of the existing mobility patterns in Delhi. The purpose of this study is to map existing mobility patterns in Delhi (both within the city and at a regional scale (especially CNCR towns) by conducting transportation surveys and utilize the information generated for demand estimations and projections.