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Request for Proposal for Selection of Master System Integrator for Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) for Smart City Bhopal

To establish an Integrated Control and Command Centre (ICCC) for Bhopal city to run operations for city and citizens using ICT as backbone and seamless integration with all the required & existing ICT systems / Smart components.

  • Integrated Control and Command Center (ICCC) of Bhopal City will be a place which will gather all the departments and mind of the city using ICT as a backbone.
  • ICCC will be a place where information from various department command centers and applications will be collected and analyzed for better planning of the city. ICCC will have BI engine which will process all the information and generate insights. These insights will be helpful in managing incidents across the city and do a better planning for the development.
  • ICCC will also have an Experience Center which will showcase the smart technologies used for making the command center and city smart. ICCC will also have a situation room, to manage incidents very effectively.
  • ICCC will have its own data center, co-located with command center and DR to be on cloud.
  • ICCC will have physical capacity for future activities like co-locating services and its infrastructure based on the agreed plan.
  • ICCC will be scalable to host more applications and services in future for managing city more effectively.
  • ICCC will eventually become single source of truth for the city and its operations. ICCC will help make Bhopal City smart and livable for its citizens.
  • ICCC will manage the utilities for ABD area, and in future capable of managing utilities of the entire city.