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RFP for PMC in Ujjain RFP for PMC in Ujjain

RFP for Project Management Consultants for Ujjain.  

Ujjain Municipal Corporation intends to appoint a firm for Designing, Development, Implementation & Maintenance of IP Camera based Surveillance solution, City Network Solution, Emergency Communication System, Smart Lighting Solution and Connected Fleet Solution with Facility Management Services at selected locations to create a Unified Smart City Network for connecting various citizen services under a common platform that will provide and enable the Simhasth Mela administration to monitor, manage and act faster and in a smarter way during the Mela apart from providing the basic and necessary services to the citizens and the visitors.

This proposal describes design, build, and implement a common infrastructure with some key citizen centric amenities/Solutions deployment at prime locations of Ujjain City. The services covered under this proposal is as mentioned below: 1. A city network in identified locations 2. Parking management at specific areas 3. Smart Lighting along the Ghat area of Ujjain that is considered to be the most visited place during the Simhasth Mela. 4. Smart and connected fleet management i.e. Smart Buses, bus stops and Municipal Solid Waste fleet. 5. Video surveillance in identified locations in the City 6. Integrated dashboard and central command and control center