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Request for Proposal Request for Proposal

Bid for Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Leased Circuit & Internet Bandwidth for Ahmedabad Smart City Project

Proposal in the form of BID is requested for the item(s) in complete accordance with the documents/attachments as per following guidelines.

  • This is a Bid for Supply, Installation and commissioning of leased circuits for Ahmedabad Smart City Project.
  • Bidder shall upload their bids on
  • The Bid Security and non‐refundable bid processing fees in a separate sealed envelope super scribed with the bid document number to SCADL office.
  • The bid shall specify time schedule of various activities.
  • Bids complete in all respects should be uploaded on or before the BID DUE DATE.
  • Services offered should be strictly as per requirements mentioned in this Bid document.
  • Please spell out any unavoidable deviations, Clause/ Article‐wise in your bid under the heading Deviations.
  • Once quoted, the bidder shall not make any subsequent price changes, whether resulting or arising out of any technical/commercial clarifications sought regarding the bid, even if any deviation or exclusion may be specifically stated in the bid. Such price changes shall render the bid liable for rejection.
  • Bidder shall quote the prices of services as mentioned valid for 180 days after the date of bid opening.
  • The duration of the Contract period for this activity will be of 3 years.