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Request for Proposal for Supply, Installation, Operation And Maintenance Of E-Toilets For 5 Years At Various Locations Including Defect Liability Period Of Two Years In Faridabad City

Faridabad Smart City Limited (FSCL) is envisaging installing E Toilets at many places within ABD, it is interested in taking up works at selected locations on pilot basis. FSCL is now inviting eligible bidders for the works “Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of E -Toilets for 5 Years at Various Locations in Faridabad City including with a Defect Liability Period of Two years”. The locations of E toilets are enclosed at the end of this document. Further, to enhance customer convenience and service delivery, FSCL is keen on providing multiple payment options for using the toilets and include smart features such as E toilet app for locating the toilets, installation of LED Lights with sensors for detection, unmanned maintenance, Solar Roof (an option which will be decided later but not considered in this bid), Surveillance, E Payment option. E Toilet‟s smart features shall be integrated with the command centre which will be built and commissioned later by other contractor. The E toilets built under this tender will be connected to the existing sewerage network system which is located close to the E Toilets identified under this tender. The bidder shall quote the works considering the existing Sewerage system is within 10 m from the proposed E toilets. Where the existing sewerage system is located at more than ten meters away from the proposed location, in such cases the bidder would be paid extra for laying of pipes and other related infrastructure as per prevailing HSR.