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Water Manual Water Manual


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Request for Proposal for Setting up of Water ATM for Safe Drinking Water including Designing, Constructing / Installation, Operating and Maintenance of Water ATMs for Period of Five Years in Guwahati

As a part of the smart city plan GSCL will like to make drinking water widely available at public places in City of Guwahati. This project will allow potable water to be supplied to the consumer in his / her container and in eco-friendly biodegradable paper glass of 250ml capacity.. This proposal will be essential for betterment of environment as the use of consumer’s container would avoid the waste due to plastic / bottles. Guwahati Smart City Limited intends to invite Request for Proposal for setting up of water ATM with BIS14543 standard for safe drinking water. This will include Designing, Constructing / Installing, Operating and maintaining of Water ATMs for Period of Five Years.

The intent of this RFP is to invite bids from the Bidders for implementation of an integrated solution for the Authority. The Request for Proposal (RFP) consists of three volumes viz.

  1. RFP Volume 1: Instruction to Bidders: Volume 1 details the instructions with respect to the bid process management, technical evaluation framework, and the technical & financial forms.
  2. RFP Volume 2: Scope of work including Functional & Technical Specifications: Volume 2 of the RFP provides information related to Scope of work for bidder, bidders obligations, Employer’s Requirements and Specifications
  3. RFP Volume 3: General Conditions of Contract: Volume 3 contains the contractual, legal terms & conditions applicable for the proposed engagement.
  4. RFP Volume 4 : Price Bid BOQ: Volume 4 contains various Bill of Quantities, bidder has to quote his rates in various schedules.