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CC and  water CC and water
Contributed by: Hemsundar Meena

Improved Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Water Resources

Partial Date: 2018CE Nov 12th to 2018CE Nov 16th

In a country like India, the potential implications of climate changes are enormous not only on the natural and environmental systems but also on significant sectors of rural and urban society. Adaptation with responsibility is the principal way to deal with the impacts of a changing climate on water resources. Growing population and increased water demand from different sectors along with consequences of climate change are threatening the water security of this country by imposing significant strains on river basins and water networks. To mitigate and adapt these strains that developed with compounded effect of climate change, and to maximize the potential economic opportunity that a well-managed water resource system can offer, there is a need for a proactive approach and comprehensive understanding of improved adaptive strategies. This course will offer practical examples and case studies of how adaptation research in the Europe and Indian context can contribute to guide policy makers in water and other environmental sectors to make better decisions on water Security. Objectives The primary objectives of the course are as follows:

  1. To provide background information on fundamental approaches and concepts of climate change adaptation
  2. To equip participants to identify strategic climate change adaptation actions that will reduce climate change impacts
  3. To learn about new opportunities and challenges in climate science related to water sector to face uncertain future under climate change 4. To identify the role of institutional adaptive capacity of different organizations working on water theme.