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Addressing the Urbanization Challenge: MASHAV Course in Israel on Urbanization

Partial Date: 2018CE May 21st to 2018CE Jun 8th
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MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation is dedicated to providing developing countries with the best of Israel’s experience in development and planning. As a member of the family of nations, The State of Israel is committed to fulfilling its responsibility to contribute to the fight against poverty and to the global efforts to achieve sustainable development.

The international training Addressing the Urbanization Challenge is designed to empower participants to develop a comprehensive approach to addressing urbanization challenges – one that maintains financial and management mechanisms while integrating land use planning, construction of infrastructure, stimulation of economic growth, provision of social and health services, promotion of social cohesion and environmental protection.

The training targets highly motivated decision makers, policy makers and professionals from the fields of urban planning, architecture, engineering, economics, community work, administration, working in government ministries (such as local government, housing, development, welfare, health and others), in local authorities, NGOs and CBOs active in the field, as well as business organizations and academic institutions engaged with urban revitalization and slum upgrading programs.

Application forms (download) and other information may be obtained at the nearest Israeli mission or at MASHAV’s website:
The completed forms (including health certificate, declaration etc.) should be submitted in WORD documents to the relevant Israeli mission in your area and sent to no later than the morning of March 5th 2018.

Please view attachment for detailed information.