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DRDO - Biodigester Brochure DRDO - Biodigester Brochure

DRDO FICCI ATAC Program Bio-Digester

The DRDO - FICCI ATAC programme aims to create a commercial pathway to deliver technologies developed by DRDO for appropriate commercial markets for use in civilian products and services. This programme is first of its kind to be undertaken by DRDO in association with FICCI to actively spinout several of DRDO's technologies for appropriate commercial markets both nationally and internationally. In the very first year of operation of the programme as many as 26 DRDO labs across India are participating and over 200 technologies are being assessed under this programme by FICCI. The technologies that are currently assessed are from sectors as diverse as electronics, robotics, advanced computing and simulation, Avionics, optronics, precision engineering, special materials, engineering systems, instrumentation, acoustic technologies, life sciences, disaster management technologies, information systems, etc. 

Under a unique process of technology assessment and commercialization, FICCI along with the IC2 Institute of Texas University has identified a few technologies which were initially only exposed to the defence sector. FICCI along with the IC2 institute is now exploring civilian applications for the same. Within a brief span since the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the DRDO and FICCI, several leading players of the Indian industry have submitted their Expression of Interests (EoIs) to FICCI for technology transfer for a number of technologies selected.