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Capacity Building Programme on Waste Management Rules

Partial Date: 2017CE Dec 14th
Issued By
Document Category: Capacity Building

Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA) and MOEF&CC supported by CPCB & NPC would like to conduct one day Capacity building programme on 6 waste management rules in your city.  The letter from the Ministry along with supporting attachments is being enclosed for your reference.  This programme is applicable to the cities as per the enclosed list.

The capacity building programme in your city has to be primarily be organized by you in terms of cost to be borne in conducting the programme, TA/DA of resource speakers/coordinators/ special invitees etc. and honorarium for resource speakers under Swachh Bharat Mission Funds, as approved by the Ministry. NPC will help you facilitate the programme, provide resource speakers and training material for the participants.

National Productivity Council (NPC) from their headquarters at Delhi and Regional offices will be coordinating with you in organizing the capacity building program in your state.

We request you to provide dates so that the programme can be conducted in your city by 31st January 2018.

Please contact Ms. Nikita, National Productivity council @ 09582858107 for confirming the date or any other query.