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Office Memorandum for Extension of Deadline Office Memorandum for Extension of Deadline

Extension of the CITIIS Challenge Project Application Deadline until 30th November 2018

Partial Date: 2018CE Nov 19th to 2018CE Nov 30th
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Tags: India

To support the endeavors of Smart City SPVs for a winning project application proposal, MoHUA has extended the CITIIS Challenge project application deadline until 30th November 2018 and would like to hear from you all about the preparations underway. And also, some Smart City SPVs were keen on sharing the project ideas with PMU at NIUA to take the feedback before starting with project application on CITIIS Challenge portal. To facilitate this, a series of video conference calls are being planned by the MoHUA with PMU at NIUA and AFD's support. In addition, a form has been provided on the SmartNet portal at The form may be filled up as soon
as possible, preferably by 4:00 PM 21st November 2018 for designing the interaction sessions. This would be final round of handholding support by the MoHUA to Smart City SPVs to ensure better quality of project proposals.