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Indore PMC Indore PMC

RFP for Project Management Consultant for Indore

Under Smart Cities Project, Indore Smart City Development Limited (the “Authority” or “ISCDL”), a Special Purpose Vehicle for Indore Smart City Project is being established as a company under the Indian Companies Act 2013. ISCDL would receive a funding from Government of India and Government of Madhya Pradesh for the development of smart city in Indore and proposes to use a part of this funding for the said assignment. ISCDL would be a government owned company with equal shareholding from Indore Municipal Corporation and from Madhya Pradesh Urban Development Company (MPUDC) on behalf of the State Government. ISCDL Board of Directors would be chaired by District Collector, Indore and Municipal Commissioner, Indore Municipal Corporation would be the Executive Director. The ISCDL would delegate complete financial and administrative powers to the Executive Director for all operational purposes.

In pursuance of the above, the Authority has decided to carry out the process for selection of a Consultant for Technical and Administrative Support Unit for Indore Smart City Project (TASU- ISCP).