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RFP Pan City Bhubaneswar RFP Pan City Bhubaneswar

RFP for Selection of Programme Management Consultant (PgMC) for Smart Solutions Projects for Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited

Government of India has announced the list of 20 cities to be taken up for development as smart cities in 1st round. The cities have to now move towards converting their plan proposals to projects. As part of the Smart City Proposal, the city of Bhubaneswar has set its vision for Smart City. As part of its smart city proposal, Bhubaneswar has proposed to implement several pan-city Smart Solutions Projects through an Intelligent City Operations and Management Centre (ICOMC).

The Smart Solutions Projects will include modules such as traffic management, electronic parking system, transit operations, common payment card, emergency response and city incident management system, city command and control centre for unified delivery of urban services to its citizens, smart waste management, smart water management, smart energy, smart environment and city Wi-Fi etc. The objective of the assignment is to provide direct assistance to the Client to Design, Develop, Manage and Implement Area Based Development Projects under Smart City Mission (SCM) in Bhubaneswar City of Odisha as per Smart City Mission Guidelines. The Smart City Mission in Bhubaneswar is expected to bring about a lasting change in the city administration framework as well as quality of life of the citizens.

The Consultant shall support the Client in overall programme management of the Smart Solutions Projectsincluding designing and assisting in implementing identified Smart Solution Projects under the Smart City Proposal of Bhubaneswar