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Make Your City Smart- Belagavi Round-II

Document Category: Area Based Development, Competition
Tags: Belagavi

Belgaum (Belagavi) is the oldest city in Karnataka with prominent cultural history. Belgaum (Belagavi) is the fastest growing urban centre. It is developing as a rich business hub and education centre being situated in the centre of Karnataka state. Belagavi Smart City has been envisioned as to be 24/7 activity based, thriving and energetic place where people will live work and play. Under Smart City project Belagavi Smart City Limited (BSCL) has initiated a competition involving “citizens” in the design of Area-based development such as Streets, Junctions, and Complex. The participants have to design and give the desirable situation (target). The design will be assessed by the BSCL on its do ability and innovation. The participants of the competition can be from any walk of life and may include citizens, students, technical experts, teachers and others.

Topic of Design Competition: Make Your City Smart
The competition “Make Your City Smart” has three parts.

The three parts are as follows :
1. Road
2. Junction
3. Complex

The participants have to design only “1 Part” out of the 3 parts mentioned as “1 Entry”.
BSCL has selected the following locations for each “PART” for the competition:
1. Road – A. Congress Raod B. Kanabargi Road

2. Junction – A. Ashoka Circle B. Bus Stand Circle 

3. Complex - A. Heritage Park (Vaccine Depot, B. Park Near Mala Maruti Police Station

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