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Bid Document Bid Document

Bid Document for Scheme under Hazaribagh Bid Document for Hazaribagh Urban Water Supply Hazaribagh Municipal Corporation.

Jharkhand Urban Infrastructure Development Company Limited (JUIDCO Limited), Government of Jharkhand, invites Bids for the following works:

  • Design Procurement and construction of Hazaribagh Urban Water Supply Scheme comprising bathemetry survey, soil investigation, structural design of 70.8 MLD capacity intake well, 47 KM raw water main (gravity & pumping) of dia 800-900 mm DIK9 pipe, 4 nos PST of different capacities, 40.97 MLD net capacity ( 2049 m^3 /hr net output) capacity conventional type WTP, 11 nos Elevated Service Reservoir (690- 3350 cum) capacity of 18-24 m Staging height, 150 mm – 800 DI-K9 clear water gravity main, 2 nos Intermediate pumping stations, 363 km distribution network (of DI-K7 & HDPE pipe), bulk flow meters, SCADA etc including testing & commissioning and trial run for 3 months all complete Under JUIDCO Limited on turn key basis.
  • ”Carrying out Operation and Maintenance of works for Five years including cost of all supervisory staff, material, equipment, consumables, establishment, maintenance & repairs, chemicals etc., complete for Hazaribagh Water Supply Scheme under JUIDCO Limited“