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Junior Researcher Junior Researcher

Junior Researcher (JR)

Partial Date: 2018CE Apr 20th to 2018CE Apr 5th
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Document Category: UN-Habitat

Under the overall supervision of Senior Human Settlements Officer (SHSO), UN-Habitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) and direct supervision of the Country Programme Manager – India and Afghanistan, the Junior Researcher will be responsible for:

  1. Provide technical inputs to build information and analysis on urbanization and climate change and their resultant impact on economic and social outcomes specially for vulnerable sections
  2. Undertake quantitative assessments of large datasets, including building data inventory, modeling and forecasting on urbanization using GIS and other spatial analytical tools.
  3. Support organizing and planning stakeholder workshops, expert group sessions, trainings and consultations on Project for City Resilience, national urban policies and programmes, and localizing new urban agenda.
  4. Support research on best practices and emerging knowledge on urban and housing policies as input to the ongoing national urban policy and housing policy technical assistance to Afghanistan and India.
  5. Develop a knowledge base of best practices, lessons learnt, experiences and stories to address nexus between urbanization, climate change, urban environment etc.
  6. Support Country office in New Delhi to establish and/or maintain relations with relevant stakeholders to promote innovations in areas of sustainable urbanization, housing and clean energy.
  7. Develop concept notes so as to strengthen project portfolio of India Office in these areas.
  8. Support country, regional and head office in administering and monitoring ongoing projects.
  9. Prepare presentations, sectoral flyers & brochures, tracking, reporting and management of ongoing and future assignment.
  10. Liaise and co-operate with regional and the Head office in the areas of expertise. 
  11. Support in office administration.
  12. Perform other duties and responsibilities, which are within the expertise and experience as may be required by UN-Habitat in responding to the requests of the respective member states.