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world green infrastructure conference world green infrastructure conference

World Green Infrastructure Conference

Partial Date: 2018CE Jun 2nd to 2018CE Jun 4th
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Document Category: Conference, Green Infrastructure

World Green Infrastructure Conference intends to create awareness through conferences and presentations by eminent personalities who walk-the-talk of green living. Additionally, it is a platform to learn best practices, discuss the latest industry trends, available green technology and network with academics and professionals.

The World Green Infrastructure Congress is an annual event named and organized by World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) since 2007 in different member countries. The event focuses on greening buildings, roofs, façades and indoor areas with a bigger picture of being for the nature. The Conference will have presentations on the best green sustainable projects, futuristic design concepts and best practices in green technology, green city planning and interactive workshops. The World Green Infrastructure Congress endeavours to empower attendees with the latest technologies, developments and offer plausible solutions for important environmental issues.