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Innovation Course Innovation Course

Innovation & Technology Enterprise: Idea to Entrepreneurship

Partial Date: 2018CE Jul 30th to 2018CE Aug 10th
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Document Category: Innovative Solutions, Training

This course focuses on the conceptualization, design and development of technology-oriented products in the field of electrical, electronics, computer and software. It integrates innovation strategies, product planning, marketing, design, manufacturing and financing of new product development. This course also integrates design thinking concept into the product development process. Case studies are presented that showcases how simple ideas can lead to successful technologies and products in the marketplace. Along with the coherent introduction to the basics of innovation the course presents all facets of ideation, innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship. This course gives students an opportunity to conceptualize and design a product that they can eventually prototype as a further follow-up when the course ends. This is done with technology playing the key role of enabling the products. The major topics include idea generation & ideation, innovation, design thinking methodology, inventive thinking, opportunity identification and evaluation, customers’ needs generation, product specifications, concepts design and product architecture, testing, manufacturing and commercialization. Further, Intellectual property and its relationship with all facets of new technology product design are also covered in depth. The Practical aspects of innovation and new product development are also discussed at large with emphasis on ICT. The Key objectives for this course are as follows:

  • To harness the power of human innovation & technology for entrepreneurship
  • To understand the product & business development processes
  • To appreciate the multi-disciplinary approach to new product creation
  • To acquire the confidence & competence in starting a new technology enterprise.