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International Design Competition: Beyond Bauhaus - Prototyping The Future

Partial Date: 2019CE Feb 12th to 2019CE Mar 31st

How can design change the world?  What are the design challenges of our time? What visions for more sustainable lifestyles are being advanced by architects, designers, fashion designers, futurists and technology developers? A hundred years after the founding of the visionary Bauhaus design school in Germany, we invite designers from all over the world to take part in an international competition that seeks forward-looking design concepts which provide creative answers to the social, ecological and global challenges of our time. The 20 best ideas will be invited to Berlin in August 2019 and shown in an exclusive exhibition. 

The competition is open to designers and creatives from across the world and to participants from all design disciplines: from materials science to product design, fashion, architecture, urban development and future technologies (such as 3D-printing processes). We seek prototypes in the development stage as well as pioneering projects already implemented.

Individuals, social entrepreneurs, companies, start-ups, universities, research institutions and private initiatives may apply until the deadline, 31 March 2019, at