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Bidding Document Bidding Document

BID Document for Augmentation and Strengthening of Water Supply Scheme under Chas Municipal Corporation

JUIDCO Limited, Government of Jharkhand, invites Bids for the works mentioned below through e-Procurement from eligible and approved contractors, registered in appropriate class with any state Govt. / Central Govt. /PSU. Those contractors who are not registered with any above department are also permitted to bid. However such contractor in the event of award of work will have to get registered with any Government Department of Jharkhand, Ranchi within a period of two month from date of award. The bid shall be submitted online in the Website

1. “Detailed survey, design and drawing, construction of Infiltration gallery, Submerge Weir, RCC Intake well with pump house, RCC Approach Bridge, WTP, Elevated Service Reservoir (i) 20.00 lakh liter 20 M staging ( 2 nos.), (ii) 17.50 lakh liter 20 M staging (4 nos.), Supplying and laying Raw and Clear water rising main & Distribution Network, Boundary wall, Railway Crossing, River Crossing, Supplying and installation of Raw Water V.T Pumps and Clear Water Centrifugal Pumps, Electric connection, Power transformer, Staff Quarter, Installation of SCADA, five years operation & maintenance with allied works etc. all complete job for Chas Water Supply Scheme
under JUIDCO Limited on turnkey basis.”
2. “Carrying out Operation and Maintenance of works for Five years including cost of all supervisory staff, material, equipment, consumables, establishment, maintenance & repairs, chemicals etc., complete for Chas Water Supply Scheme under JUIDCO Limited”