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Request for Proposal for Supply Erection and Commissioning of Transfer Station Equipments, 2 No. mobile compactor Containers 16 cum capacity and 1 No. Hook Loader with vehicle

Indore Smart City Development Ltd. (ISCDL) is keen on substantially improving the quality of service delivery of Municipal waste management activities in the ISCDL area and wishes to develop a transfer station. The Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Indore has invited Online bids are invited for Supply Erection & Commissioning of following Transfer Station Equipments. Tender forms may be purchased online by the bidders, fulfilling eligibility criteria as per RFP document.

  • 5 No. Static Compactor System with Loading Mechanism, i/c 15 No. Detachable Containers (20 cum. Capacity) and 5 No. Hook Loader with vehicle
  • 2 No. Mobile Compactor Containers (16 cum capacity) and 1 No. Hook Loader with Vehicle