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REoI for Empanelment of Consulting Firms for NRW Action Plan in Select Smart Cities REoI for Empanelment of Consulting Firms for NRW Action Plan in Select Smart Cities

REOI for Empanelment of Consulting Firms For Assessment of Non-Revenue Water in Select Smart Cities

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India has rolled out “Smart City” Mission and “AMRUT” missions.Under the AMRUT mission one of the reform is to make an action plan to reduce water losses to less than 20 percent and to publish on website. Under the Smart City Mission (SCM), 100 cities have been selected out of which 20 Cities have already been included for development as Smart Cities in the first phase. This Empanelment process is being undertaken to identify a panel of consultants who will be eligible for selection & subsequent award of contract by respective States/Urban Local Bodies to provide technical assistance in Assessment of Non-Revenue Water and Developing Strategy and Implementation Action Plan for Reduction of Non-Revenue Water in Select Smart Cities.

To achieve the objective of the assignment, it is envisaged that the consulting firm will assess ‘As is situation” e.g. collection, collation and analysis of existing data, field tests as required to assess and estimate the level of commercial losses through illegal connections, billing errors, and collection system physical losses through leaks and bursts in primary and secondary networks and house service connections and reservoir overflows and develop a strategy for structured control and reduction of NRW in a phased manner (short term, Midterm and long term) to enable provision of continuous pressurised water supply services to the customers.

The Details Terms of reference and tasks to be performed, payment schedule and implementation arrangement shall be provided in the Request for Proposal (RFP) to be issued by respective State/Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to the shortlisted consultants.