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Coimbatore_lake restoration Coimbatore_lake restoration

Request for Proposal for Selection of Consulting Services for Developing Eco-Restoration Plan for Eight Lakes identified under Coimbatore Smart City Proposal

Coimbatore Smart City Limited has planned to redevelop and restore the eight lakes identified in ABD area under Smart City Proposal. The project envisages to inventories the natural resources of Coimbatore’s ABD region, investigate the conditions resulting in the deterioration of the same including the current land use patterns and identify interventions that will facilitate sustainable and vibrant future development of its resources and its influence area (500m either side). Hence under the Smart Cities Mission programme, Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation has proposed the initiative of eco-restoration of 8 lakes in the city, and therefore they intend to develop a Master Plan and a Detailed Project Report for Eight Lakes and connecting canals, with accessible mobility corridors Identified under ABD Area of Coimbatore Smart City.

Objective of the Project 

  • Redevelop and restore the Eight Lakes Identified under ABD Area of Coimbatore Smart City.
  • Revitalise the lakes and surrounding areas of approximately 869 acre into active and vibrant neighbourhoods with recreational facilities that are environmentally sustainable.
  • Improve access to the lakes from the surrounding neighbourhoods by providing safe and convenient mobility corridors for all users including pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Protect and enhance bio-diversity in the region.
  • Explore possibilities for developing tourism in the region with possibilities for commercial development in the project area.