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Kolar WS Contract Agreement Kolar WS Contract Agreement

Tender document & Contract Agreement for Water Supply Distribution Network Project - Kolar, Bhopal

Municipal Corporation of Bhopal Water Supply Distribution Network Project Contract Agreement for: Design, Construction, Commissioning and performance of intake well 8.00 m dia and 18.00 m high with raw water pump house and approach bridge. The work shall include supply, installation and commissioning of raw water and clear water pumps with necessary substation providing, laying, jointing and commissioning of DI K-9 and DI K-7 class pipeline for raw and clear water pumping Feeder main, construction of treatment plant, clear water sump well and clear water pump house and overhead tanks and distribution networks and HT feeder line, domestic meter connections, SCADA Bulk metering etc; under UIDSSMT Project Fund, Kolar Area Bhopal.