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Corrigendum for Extension of Submission Date Corrigendum for Extension of Submission Date
RFP for Social Media Management RFP for Social Media Management

Request of Proposal for “Selection of Agency for Social Media Management“For Promoting Jabalpur Smart City Limited (JSCL), CORRIGENDUM FOR EXTENSION OF SUBMISSION DATE

This RFP document is not an agreement or an offer to the prospective Bidders or any other person. The purpose of this RFP document is to provide interested parties with information that may be useful to them in the formulation of their Proposals pursuant to this RFP document. This RFP document includes statements, which reflect various assumptions and assessments arrived in relation to the proposed Assignment. Such assumptions, assessments and statements do not purport to contain all the information that each Bidder may require. This RFPdocument may not be appropriate for all persons, and it is not possible for Department, its employees or advisers to consider the objectives, technical expertise and particular needs of each party who reads or uses this RFP document. The assumptions, assessments, statements and information contained in this RFP document, may not be complete, accurate, adequate or correct. Each Bidder should, therefore, conduct its own investigations and analysis and should check the accuracy, adequacy, correctness, reliability and completeness of the assumptions, assessments and information contained in this RFP document and obtain independent advice from appropriate sources. Social media has greatly changed the way the public communicates and expectations of the responsibility of government have also shifted.

With social media being one of the prominent mechanisms to connect to people directly and in a highly effective manner, social media can be used as an effective tool to solve problems in real‐time and using social media to monitor sentiment and help end users and residents. Social technologies can make networking and engagement with the public simple and powerful, make research faster, provide mechanisms for combating negative publicity, and measure public sentiment to help inform public policy. There is a good deal of opportunity for bidirectional engagement between the government and its citizens. Jabalpur Smart City Limited intends to implement a full-time dedicated Project Management Unit for Social Media Promotion, Management and Operations.

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