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LastMileCode Presentation LastMileCode Presentation


I would like to introduce our novel, innovative, patent-filed, Government of India award winning solution named, LastMileCode. This world-class solution completely aligns with the vision for SMART City, DIGITAL India & START-UP India. LastMileCode is the brain-child of LastMile Digital Solutions Private Limited, a Start-Up company accredited by Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy (DIPP, Government of India) and recommended by Science and Technology Park (STP - Promoted by NSTEDB, Dept. of Science and Technology, Government of India)

LastMileCode is India's first solution on "Digital Address". It's a one-stop solution to all the problems associated with Poor Postal Addressing. As we all know, poor addresses result into “Undeliveries” of the items & services. And “Undeliveries” result into huge economic losses and wastage of time & efforts. 

We often witness “Undeliveries or Delayed Deliveries” of Driving licenses, Property tax notices, Aadhar card, Dividend warrants, Voter’s card, Appointment letter, Legal Notices etc. in the government sector. Similarly, in private sector we experience “Undeliveries or Delayed Deliveries” of many items and services. In India, all these result in wastage of an estimated INR 5000 Cr+ of money, efforts & time, every year.

LastMileCode is a first of its kind of digital addressing system, across the world that would help reduce economic loss arising out of “Undeliveries” and help improve efficiency. In this, we would be conducting survey of entire city for capturing GPS/ Address information of every property. In case the GIS/Property Tax survey is recently been done, we would make use of its information, as much possible.

After analysing, processing the information;
• We will first generate an intelligent, scientific, unique door number for every property, according to LastMileCode nomenclature
• Making use of this door number & our addressing framework we will then generate a postal address, which will be standard, comprehensive, complete, correct and comprising of GPS coordinates of each property. 
• Going a step further, we will then convert this descriptive, lengthy address content smartly into a 12 digit unique, Digital Address Code – named LastMileCode, like Aadhar code. 

At the end of this exercise, we will have unique name/nomenclature/code given to each locality/ sub-locality/ street/ block/ society/ building/ house/ property in the city. And each property will now carry an address which is standard, complete, correct, comprehensive and with GPS coordinates embedded. Importantly, the address is now transformed into the digital mode.