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Bid Document Bid Document
Summary for Report and Costing Summary for Report and Costing

Tender Document Lumpsum Rate Tender For Survey, Investigation, Design, Construction, Testing And Commissioning Of Sewerage Network & Sewage Treatment For Ujjain City Under Ujjain Municipal Corporation, Ujjain

Ujjain Municipal Corporation, Ujjain wants to execute sewerage project for the probable population of 2050. The project report prepared by the Municipal Corporation, Ujjain envisage following works in the project area: 

  1. Providing laying and jointing of sewerage pipelines including construction of manholes and sewer appurtenances.
  2. Construction, supply, erection and commissioning of Sewerage treatment plant and RCC sumpwell alongwith providing and installation of pumps from sumpwell to STP.
  3. Providing house sewer chambers and laterals for connecting sewer to consumer sewer lines
  4. Providing and laying of HT feeder connection up to Sewage treatment plant with PLC-SCADA
  5. Providing House Sewerage Connection
  6. The construction shall be ensured in such a way that there is minimum possible inconvenience to the public and the traffic. The reconstruction of roads will be carried out to original surface and pavement conditions.

The tender is hereby invited for the execution of sewerage project wherein the successful Bidder has to lay the sewer lines for entire Ujjain City including all necessary works related to sewer lines, sewer appurtenances, sumpwells/sewage pumping stations, intermediate pumping and sewage treatment plant including SCADA-PLC etc. and restore the roads to their original condition with respect to surface and pavement characteristics. The house connections shall also be covered under this project.