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Request for Proposal For Selection of Agency/SI/MSI for Implementation and Management of Smart Schools in City of Jabalpur (5 Municipal Schools/20 Classrooms on Pilot)

Jabalpur Smart City Limited (JSCL) invites e-tender for Technical and Financial bid proposal from eligible Bidders for setting up of Smart School (with 20 Digital Classrooms on pilot basis) from Class IX to XII, 5 IT Labs and 5 Smart Libraries in each of 5 Municipal schools of Smart City of Jabalpur. As part of this project, Smart Classrooms have to be set-up in one section of each of the classes from IX to XII from identified 5 Schools (Annexure-NN). Smart School Management System will have to be created, and educational digital content as part of Learning Management System will have to be made available in Hindi as well as English. Project includes creation, supply, uploading and maintenance of school management system; creation, supply, uploading and maintenance educational digital contents and future upgradation as per changes in syllabus prescribed by boards concerned; creation, supply and installation of academic life cycle management system, learning management system and library management system; supply, installation, commissioning & functioning of Hardware; networking and setting up of server; training to teachers and parents, capacity building sessions for parents, providing IT assistants cum resource persons (City Level Coordinators and School Coordinators), supply, installation and commissioning of biometric attendance machines, building management system and CCTV cameras including DVR, media converter, 55‟ LED TV, Interactive Board, Interactive Projector, Classroom Audio system and PC/Laptop and onsite comprehensive warranty for three years in 5 Government Schools. As already mentioned above, this will also include creation, uploading, upkeep/maintenance and timely upgradation of Educational Digital contents as per the MP Board and NCERT syllabus of classes IX to XII.

This project will have to be operated for 3 years and any extension to this project will be as per prevailing conditions and with mutual consent between parties at the end of 3 years.