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Request for Proposal for Construction of Smart Roads and Underground Electrification Work under Phase-1 Jabalpur

Transforming roads into Smart Roads has been conceptualized by the under Smart City Mission and by JSCL, to create 21st century public realm infrastructure for all strata of the society. This entails comprehensive upgrading of the public Right of Way (ROW) of the streets which includes (but is not limited to) – refurbishment of existing carriageway, laying of new footpaths and cycle tracks, shifting of select utilities from its current location to new location (under footpaths) or construction of new utilities, external development works for landscape, hardscape, street furniture, lighting etc.

The roads are to be constructed as per the street design attached in this document following the street design guidelines such as IRC , UTTIPEC street design guidelines, etc. issued by MoUD GoI. The attached road design considers the following three levels of transport (i) Pedestrian (ii) Cycle track (iii) Public transport users and lastly the motorized vehicles. It should include the necessary infrastructures/amenities like landscaping, water supply, storm water drainage, underground utility duct etc