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Request for Proposal Request for Proposal

Tender for Appointment of Contractor for Redevelopment of Ranga Bhavan Chowk, Part of Smart Road Project (Phase 1), Solapur under Smart Cities Mission

One of the first projects to be implemented in Solapur under the Smart Cities Missions is the development of a 1.1km stretch of road in Solapur as a Smart Road. Under the same, the current project to be implemented is the ‘Redevelopment of Ranga Bhavan Chowk’ as Phase 1 of Smart Road Stretch.

Solapur City Development Corporation Limited (SCDCL) invites Proposals for selection of a Contractor (the "Contractor" or the “Bidder”) who shall be responsible for execution of the scope mentioned in the Tender Document and ensuring the progress of the Project during the term of the Agreement in conformity with the Tender Document. The SCDCL intends to select the Contractor through an open competitive bidding in accordance with the procedure set out herein.