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Smart Dustbin Smart Dustbin

Smart Dustbin

This is a highly equipped device made by Stainless Steel/Sheet Metal, basically use for the garbage collection from public area, having multiple uses for the interest of the public as follows:

  • CCTV surveillance,
  • Open wi-fi Hotspot,
  • SOS, P
  • ublic announcement system/address system,
  • USB Charging port,
  • A display of 54" X 36" both side operated either by LED light or a LED screen for the use of promotion and information for public,
  • Garbage collection wet & Dry, Operated by the solar panel

All the above mention device has been installed collectively with a specific design created, where the dimensions of bottom are 36" X 15" X 30 " (Length X width X Height) and a attached display area of 36" X 12" X 54" (Length X width X Height) on the top of the bottom area. Where all the equipment like LED lights, Wi fi Hotspot router, SOS system, Public announcement system, USB Port has installed in display area. CCTV & Solar panel has installed on the top of the display.