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EXECUTIVE PROGRAM: Infrastructure, Planning and Landscape for Sustainable Cities

Partial Date: 2019CE Jun 30th to 2019CE Jul 6th
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An invaluable 7 day program for professionals involved in the fields of Infrastructure planning & design, urban planning & landscape architecture, infrastructure development and finance.

The course is specially crafted for mid to senior level professionals from public and private sectors - governments, architects, civil engineers, landscape architects and urban planners & urban designers, policy-makers & financiers and academicians who together constitute the symbiotic ecosystem within which urban infrastructure is developed, designed and executed.

Besides the background and theory of urban infrastructure, the course is meant to show how while developing infrastructure, by creative thinking and processes other goals of importance such as landscape enhancement, urban improvement and financial gains can be achieved.

Visits to exemplary projects through the week and meetings with those professionals involved in these projects will expose the participants to revolutionary state-of-art ideas which they then can apply in their own work.

All participants will receive a certificate from IHS-MLC Academy on completing the course successfully.
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