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RFP for Kochi Smart City ABD Project PMC RFP for Kochi Smart City ABD Project PMC

RFP for Selection of PMC for Smart City Kochi ABD Project

Kochi City was selected for priority financing under Smart City Mission by Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India. Thereafter, the Local Self Government (Urban Affair) Department and Kochi Municipal Corporation (PMC) has jointly incorporated a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company called Cochin Smart Mission Limited (CSML), under the Companies Act 2013, solely for the purpose of implementing the Smart City proposal. CSML is owned by the Government with equal shareholding from the Government of Kerala and the Kochi Municipal Corporation (KMC). The Board of CSML is chaired by the Chief Secretary of Government of Kerala and will have 15 members including the Mayor & Secretary as the representatives of KMC, representatives of the State and Central Government as well as independent Directors.

CSML will receive funding from Government of India and the State Government/KMC for implementing projects under Smart City Proposal of Kochi city. The CSML is implementing Area Based Development in Kochi city under Smart City Mission. The Kochi Smart City Proposal can be downloaded from Smart Kochi link of the website of KMC ( Given the wide range of technical and sector specific expertise required to implement the smart city projects, CSML shall be supported by a team of consultants for strategic, technical and project management support.

CSML intends to select the Project Management Consultants (PMC) to provide Technical advisory and Project Management Support to CSML for implementing projects under Area Based Development (ABD), through an open competitive bidding process in accordance with the procedure set out herein. In this regard, CSML invites proposals from interested and eligible firms to provide the consultancy services as detailed in this RFP.