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Orientation Course on AMRUT: Government of Odisha Orientation Course on AMRUT: Government of Odisha

Orientation Course on AMRUT: Government of Odisha

Partial Date: 2016CE Mar 1st 09:00:00 to 2016CE Mar 3rd 05:00:00
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Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) and Government of Odisha have signed an MoU under the Individual Capacity Building Programme of AMRUT supported by Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India (GoI).

The first module of training i.e., an orientation course on AMRUT was concluded successfully with 38 participants representing the State Government, Parastatals, and Urban Local Bodies of the nine Mission cities in Odisha. The course was conducted for a diverse mix of practitioners from public health and engineering wings of these organisations. The facilitators, both from IIHS and outside, also represented a diverse range of domestic and international experience in various fields including to urban planning, urban infrastructure and services, public health and engineering, and capacity building in the urban sector. Throughout the orientation course, the participants were constantly engaged in understanding existing challenges of urban India, especially with respect to basic services, infrastructure and civic amenities, in order to comprehend the need for this Mission and then understand its guidelines and processes. The course proved to be a catalyst for the participants, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the Mission and its components. The facilitators used a mix of international and domestic case studies, group exercises, discussions, presentations, audio-visual material and field visits in order to achieve the intended learning outcomes in a learner-centric manner.

The three-day course focused on discussing the challenges faced by urban India in the context of the Mission, and understanding the Mission guidelines and toolkit comprising thrust areas, components, funding, processes, reform management, monitoring and review process. The modules introduced participants to the urban challenges, potential projects and possibilities under the Mission, and contextualized similar transformations through established practices from India and across the world.

The participants in the Course included a diverse set of practitioners from both public health and engineering departments of the State government, Parastatals and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of the 9 Mission cities. The Government of Odisha nominated 47 participants out of which 38 participants attended this orientation course. In terms of course outreach and turnout, the following statistics are relevant:
Total Nominations: 47
Course Turnout: 38